Chartered Accountants Insolvency Services


Our Services


Walsh & Associates have experience in providing independent advice to a range of key stakeholders including financiers, creditors and directors regarding the viability of a businesses across a range of situations outside of the insolvency regime.  Our services in this regard include:

  • Investigating Accountant Reviews;

  • Credit assessments; and

  • Turnaround strategy reviews.


Financial distress need not be the beginning of the end and receiving sound, realistic advice at the first sign of difficulty may avoid an insolvency administration or reduce its impact.

Walsh & Associates assist directors, creditors and financiers assess the causes of a company’s financial difficulty and to determine critical issues and opportunities for continuity and growth. 

Walsh & Associates will develop strategies to leverage from the opportunities identified and assist with both strategic decision-making and the implementation of those strategies.

These strategies may incorporate assisting with the composition and negotiation of agreements with creditors (both secured and unsecured) which may involve a repayment agreement or limited moratorium between the distressed business and its creditors.


Walsh & Associates has extensive experience in all forms of corporate insolvency and has provided advise to all key stakeholders with including creditors, financiers and directors.

Walsh & Associates has a proven track record in exceeding expectations in all forms of insolvency administration, be it:

  • Ensuring the continued survival of a company through a voluntary administration and deed of company arrangement; or

  • Recovering debts for the benefit of a secured creditors in a receivership; or

  • The tax effective winding up of a solvent company for the benefit of its members in a members’ voluntary liquidation; or

  • Identifying assets (including the recovery of voidable transactions and the commencement of litigation) for the benefit of all creditors in both court and director appointed liquidations.